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Amsar is an Indian company established over 6 decades ago with a reputation of being the finest manufacturer of standardized full spectrum herbal extracts. With a strong foundation in chemistry and pharmacology Amsarveda produces over 400 herbal extracts that are considered to be of the highest standard in the industry. A primary supplier of extracts to the “who’s who” of Indian Ayurvedic industry. Amsar owns two GMP manufacturing facilities with a total area of over 160,000 sq. ft.



A young man, armed with a degree in chemistry from The University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, returned to his homeland to find a burgeoning healthcare deficit in the emerging nation. Sri Ram Naharwar began his journey by working in multinational companies such as Pfizer and Glaxo, which played pivotal roles in introducing India to the first generation of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical advancements. However, whilst addressing a major health problem, these companies exerted pressure on the Government of India to revoke recognition of traditional medical practices, such as Ayurveda, among others. Given that over 90% of the population relied on traditional remedies, both foreign and domestic pharmaceutical companies inadvertently contributed to the destruction of a 5,000 year-old heritage. Sensing the inevitable impending loss, Sri Ram Naharwar decided that in order to protect and preserve traditional medicines in India necessitated addressing several questionable practices within the indigenous industry, including the lack of scientific processes, analytical methodologies, standardisation, and innovation.

To safeguard and rejuvenate traditional medicines, our founder leveraged his scientific knowledge within the traditional system. This marked the initial scientific stride towards rendering Ayurveda relevant to the contemporary society, and it transpired in the year 1963.



His untimely passing left Amsar without a mentor for a period. However in 1989, his grandson Dr Vikram Naharwar, assumed the reigns of the company, commencing a new chapter in it's history. The first step was to modernize a micro extraction unit that was too small for an emerging market. Dr. Naharwar expanded Amsar's offerings by deploying state-of-the-art equipment and diversifying its range of extracts, ultimately establishing the company as a preeminent authority in quality and research. Subsequently, he embarked on constructing a modern laboratory, which upon completion, set a benchmark for all extract manufacturers. In a conscientious endeavor that exceeded regulatory requirements, the company established its own microbiology and heavy metal analytical laboratories to ensure product safety for its customers. Moreover, the introduction of one of the first comprehensive chromatographic facilities, encompassing HPLC/HPTLC/UV SPEC, provided an unequivocal quality assurance seal on every product manufactured by Amsarveda.

Dr. Naharwar's foresight approach positioned Amsar as one of the pioneering companies to obtain Organic Certification for its extracts.

More than three decades ago, Dr. Naharwar recognized the growing demand for 100% natural products, spurred by increasing concerns about environmental pollution affecting the food chain. This shift in consumer mindset led to the emergence of a new wave of "Organic" companies and products, with many utilizing the term somewhat loosely. Amsar remained steadfast in its commitment to upholding the principles of being entirely natural and delivering products of the utmost quality. This dedication prompted us to invest over a decade in research and development, resulting in the creation of our distinguished range of 100% Natural products.



While many companies emphasise their efforts to source the finest ingredients and review the latest research for product formulation, Amsarveda stands apart as a proven producer of top-quality ingredients for over 60 years. The testimony of more than 800 companies, which are our valued customers for our extracts, attests to our commitment to excellence. What sets us apart is our dedication to independent research and development. Notably, our R & D program was the very first to gain approval from the DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research), Government of India.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond rhetoric. We meticulously scrutinize each herb before extracting it, conducting comprehensive checks for adulteration, bacterial content, and contamination. Our stringent standards also encompass the use of potable (drinkable) process water, an eco-conscious energy source in the form of bagasse, and the responsible treatment and reuse of liquid runoff in our gardens and toilets. Operating as a zero-pollution facility, we not only deliver the highest quality but also safeguard the environment and your well-being.

Moreover, we take immense pride in our dedicated workforce, with over 80% of our team having been with us since the inception of our journey. This enduring commitment speaks volumes about our company culture.

Going above and beyond, Amsarveda pioneers the concept of offering only Biotope herbs, a distinctive and highly significant approach elucidated in detail on our blog.

At Amsarveda, natural products are not just a business; they are a way of life that we have passionately embraced for 60 years, evident in every aspect of our operation.

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