About Us

Amsar is an Indian company established over 5 decades ago with a reputation of being the finest manufacturer of standardized full spectrum herbal extracts. With a strong foundation in chemistry and pharmacology AMSARVEDA produces over 400 herbal extracts that are considered to be of the highest standard in the industry. A primary supplier of extracts to the “who’s who” of Indian Ayurvedic industry. Amsar owns two GMP manufacturing facilities with a total area of over 160,000 sq. ft.


Our Story

A young man armed with a degree in chemistry from Cambridge, UK returned to his homeland to find a newly emerging nation deficit in healthcare. Sri Ram Naharwar began his journey by working in multinational companies such as Pfizer and Glaxo that brought India the first generation of antibiotics etc. Whilst addressing a major health problem, these companies also pressurized the Govt of India to de-recognize Ayurveda and other forms of traditional medicine. With over 90% of the population relying on traditional remedies, pharmaceutical companies international and homegrown, began destroying a heritage that goes back 5000 years. Sensing the inevitable Sri Ram Naharwar decided that in order to protect and preserve traditional medicines, India had to address the several questionable practices of this “home” industry that had no scientific process or analytical methodologies, no standardization and a lack of innovation. By bringing his knowledge of science to a traditional system, our founder took the first scientific step forward to making Ayurveda relevant to modern man,that was 1963.

His untimely passing left Amsar without a mentor for a while till his grandson Dr Vikram Naharwar joined the company in 1989 and began a new chapter in the company’s history. The first step was to modernize a micro extraction unit that was too small for an emerging market. By installing new modern equipment and expanding the range of extracts to what is still the widest range of any company, Dr Naharwar established Amsar firmly as a leader in quality and research. The next step was to build a modern laboratory which when ready was a standard for all extract companies, going way beyond the legal requirements the company established its own microbiology and heavy metal analytical laboratories to ensure safety for its customers. One of the first comprehensive Chromatographic facilities (HPLC/HPTLC/UV SPEC) provided an unquestionable quality stamp on every product produced.

Dr Naharwar’s foresight saw Amsar being one of the first companies to have Organic Certification for its extracts.


Over 20 years ago Dr Naharwar saw the need for 100% natural products, With the change in people’s mindset due to alarming environmental pollution affecting the food chain saw the emergence of a new wave of "Organic" companies and products, most of these using the tag with a great degree of liberty!. Amsar’s commitment to remaining true to its philosophy of being 100% natural and delivering products of the highest standards saw us spend over a decade in research and development of what has emerged as the finest range of 100% Natural products.