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The chronicity of psoriasis and other dermatological disorders like eczema or recurring fungal infections, requires an integrated approach of oral and topical management. The conventional approach comes with associated side effects and without complete resolution. Ayurveda on the other hand takes a holistic approach in dealing with any pathology and targets the cause rather than symptoms to offer a complete resolution of the disease. In the management of skin disorders, especially the chronic and recurring ones like psoriasis or auto-immune disorders like Lichen planus, Ayurvedic treatment protocol is based on the dosha dominance in the pathology, the metabolic status of the patient, presence of AMA (endotoxic material) etc. PSORALIN is a clinically tested product that has gone extensive pre-clinical and clinical investigations resulting in a Patent approval by the Govt of India. This unique non steroidal gel produced by AmsarVeda based on a 7 year research program has shown to resolve even the most chronic cases of psoriasis.

The product has also been subjected to anti-cancer studies on specific cell lines with positive results.

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