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Amsarveda Hair Loss Special Treatment Pack

A clinically tested combination consisting of proprietary ingredients from nature that blocks DHT, improves micro-circulation at the hair roots and provides nutrition from 100% natural vitamins and mineral sources that are essential for maintenance and promoting hair stability.


  • Prevents hair loss
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Helps improve hair density
  • Improves tensile strength of hair follicles.


The Amsarveda Special Hair Loss shampoo is a unique formula consisting of premium extracts of herbs that inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokines and promote anti-inflammatory cytokines. The Amsarveda Hair Loss Serum has been clinically tested to show the gradual reduction in daily hair loss and the improvement of hair density. The Amsarveda Intensive Care Balsam helps provide required nutrition to the hair and scalp.

Amsarveda Hair Loss Special Treatment Pack