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Amsarveda Vitalizing Body Cream jar front view

Amsarveda's Vitalizing Body Cream is a perfect tool to care of any type of skin, especially for dull, toneless, friable and prone to the formation of edema. The cream nourishes, improves elasticity and tone of the skin, and stimulates microcirculation in blood and lymph vessels of the skin. Due to the high content of vitamin C, strengthens blood vessels, tones the skin, and stimulates cell renewal of the epidermis. Rubia cordifolia extract removes toxins from skin cells, normalizes metabolism. A proprietary extract of Bacopa improves microcirculation and has a pronounced protective effect against unfavorable environmental factors, including UV radiation, detergents and urban smog. Regular use of the cream leaves the skin smooth, and healthy.

Amsarveda Vitalizing Body Cream