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Turmeric: The Golden Treasure, decoded by Amsarveda


We often think of modern medicine and science as the answer to all of our maladies however, we seem to forget as essential to our well-being as the innovative field is, it’s still young just a hundred years old.

In contrast, we have a wealth of knowledge and groundbreaking Ayurvedic medicine treatments honed over centuries and have sustained our sub-continent for eons.

One such treasured plant in Ayurveda, that forms the cornerstones of healing is Turmeric.

Through thousands of years, the versatile turmeric plant has crafted an aura of mysticism around its existence. In Vedic India, turmeric became indispensable for skincare, healing, culinary uses, and traditional herbal medicine. From India, the plant reached China and Africa by 800 A.D. Turmeric was introduced to Europe after Marco Polo was astonished at the Indian plant, whose golden hue and powerful properties made him liken it to saffron.