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Turmeric: The Golden Treasure, decoded by Amsarveda


We often think of modern medicine and science as the answer to all of our maladies however, we seem to forget as essential to our well-being as the innovative field is, it’s still young just a hundred years old.

In contrast, we have a wealth of knowledge and groundbreaking Ayurvedic medicine treatments honed over centuries and have sustained our sub-continent for eons.

One such treasured plant in Ayurveda, that forms the cornerstones of healing is Turmeric.

Through thousands of years, the versatile turmeric plant has crafted an aura of mysticism around its existence. In Vedic India, turmeric became indispensable for skincare, healing, culinary uses, and traditional herbal medicine. From India, the plant reached China and Africa by 800 A.D. Turmeric was introduced to Europe after Marco Polo was astonished at the Indian plant, whose golden hue and powerful properties made him liken it to saffron.

Ayurvedic treatment India online

The West recently discovered the wonders of this plant but unfortunately changed the way nature intended Turmeric to be used. By producing highly purified versions of the plant or using a synthetic version, Turmeric has been rendered useless and companies that resorted to this unnatural process struggle with "bioavailability".

At Amsarveda, we revere Turmeric and produced a full spectrum extract the way Nature intended and further developed a unique delivery process that allows the complete absorption of the extract in the plasma. You’ll find an abundance of turmeric and its extracts in our scientifically researched and developed formulas across our natural skin, hair, body, and healthcare Ayurveda products.

But, why turmeric?

Across traditional and modern medicine healing studies turmeric is found to have:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Antimutagenic properties

  • Antimicrobial properties

  • Anticancer properties

Turmeric is used as a herbal and pharmaceutical treatment aid for a variety of maladies- from the common flu to diabetes, cardiovascular regulation, respiratory diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, and many, many more.

Why should I take turmeric or any other Ayurvedic medicines?

If you’re looking to

  • Improve overall health and wellbeing

  • Boost immunity

  • Treat specific disorders

  • Prevent communicable diseases

  • Be prepared for the upcoming winter seasonal change

Then it’s time to add healing and safe Ayurvedic remedies to your lifestyle.

You can begin by browsing our range of Ayurvedic supplements, designed to fit your lifestyle needs. From Ayurvedic supplements for fever, and natural herbs, to Ayurvedic medicines for indigestion, and gastronomic issues, you’ll find an effective, natural, and healing treatment by Amsarveda.

What about pure turmeric extracts?

Natural Ayurveda Supplement Health India Online

Cytostorm by Amsarveda is an innovative Ayurvedic supplement that’s 100% naturally vegan, gelatine-free, artificial sugar-free, and without harmful chemicals. The latest generation of Fast Dissolving Oral Tablets (FDOT) is designed strategically to sit below the tongue, without causing discomfort or risk of choking, and is apt for both children and adults. The tablet dissolves within 6-7 minutes and the titrated release pattern ensures that the active compounds are fully absorbed via the buccal cavity, without any salival interference.

Visit the Cytostorm page to learn more about this patent-pending marvel

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