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How To Actually Smell and Feel Good? Go Natural, Truly

Our skin, bodies, and selves tend to perform multiple physical actions throughout the day and night, and any form of physical excursion is rewarded with light to heavy sweating (depending on your body and Dosha type) which is often accompanied by body odor.

While body odor is a naturally occurring phenomenon, you don’t necessarily want it!

Solution? Spritz and spray and go on your way. Right?


Even the most expensive perfumes in the world come with one large drawback- the use of synthetic and chemical-filled fragrances.

Your long time “must-have” body wash, soap, or body spray may be your signature or go-to smell, but what’s the damage caused by these products?

And more importantly, can you actually tell what’s in them? Go into your cabinet or shelf, pick up any bottle of shampoo or body wash, and try to decipher the ingredients within. And worse, most labels do not even carry ALL the chemical compounds used within. Each product can have anywhere between 23 to 200 additives.

Not all chemicals are bad, but the amount that is present in every product to:

- Increase shelf value

- Reduce mass production costs

- Encourage mass scaling for products

Makes most formulations harmful rather than helpful.

Brands have since cottoned on to the fact that modern-day consumers are being mindful about what is going into their bodies- hence they market and label their products as ‘chemical-free’ or ‘paraben-free’. However, one look at the label and it would most likely read as the syllabus for an Industrial Chemistry degree.

Why We Advocate For Natural Fragrances:

Synthetic fragrances can and do cause a range of issues, not just to yourself but to the environment as a whole. Some of the more pressing health issues caused by synthetic fragrances are :

- Migraines

- Dizziness

- Rashes/Hives

- Skin Irritation

- Hyper Pigmentation

For a scent to last on your skin all day, the manufacturers do have to add a host of additives to make that happen.

Amsarveda’s products are instead deeply rooted in Ayurvedic and holistic philosophy. We make use of naturally occurring fragrances to add to our skin and haircare range.

Naturally occurring fragrances include the added benefit of being healing- from soothing your skin to going deep within and helping your sensory system.

Across Indigenous cultures globally, natural extracts have been harnessed to create skin and hair enhancers. These pure extracts and oils are not harmful in the way synthetic chemicals are. They instead provide your body a complete solution- not just skin deep.

By using natural scents in your daily routine, you gradually eliminate the need to deodorize. Restorative and exfoliating body washes, soaps, and hair cleansers help your skin and hair go back to an extremely natural state of being.

Amsarveda’s Innovative Philosophy:

Since 1963 Amsarveda has created, manufactured, and used natural extracts and fragrances across our product range. For the past 59 years, we’ve continued research and development in the field of nature-based extracts.

As of 2022, Amsar remains to be the only company in the Indian sub-continent to research, develop, and produce their own natural ingredients with an in-house team of R&D scientists. This end-to-end process is unique probably even the only one globally and is what sets AMSARVEDA apart, we guarantee the quality of our products since we make everything ourselves.

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