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Beauty in Nature

Updated: Feb 7

In the 1960’s industrialization led chemical companies to sell the world on the term “better living through chemistry”. After decades of mindless consumption and an alarming increase in health challenges the advances in technology and “science” are being questioned by a right-thinking population that is still a minute percentage of the global population that still sadly believes all the aggressive advertising of multinational companies. The billion of dollars in fines paid by Global Pharmaceutical giants and Consumer Good companies do not seem to find resonances in the masses.

There is a growing clan of right-thinking individuals that are beginning to question the “science” that does not cure but makes uses dependant for life on toxic chemicals. Prior to the wanton destruction of nature and its pristine existence by the global industrial giants, Nature existed in a state of perfection. Traditional populations relied on natural cycles to celebrate seasons that rarely changed more than a day or two, nature always delivered everything humans needed to live and thrive. The arrogance of humans in thinking that we are more intelligent than nature has brought nature to its knees and the events over the past decade have clearly demonstrated that nature is fighting back. SO should we all, against the toxins sold to us as “medicine”, “food”, “beauty”.

Let nature be your medicine and your safe place. At Amsarveda we have been involved with nature for 60 years and counting.

One of natures most interesting herbs is the King of Fruits, Mango

One of natures most interesting herbs is the King of Fruits, Mango. Most people do not look beyond the delicious sweet heavenly taste of mangoes, yet nature is miraculous, the leaves and bark of the mango tree is extremely beneficial with significant health benefits, as well as in beauty. The anti-cancer activity of mango bark and leaves has been established in multiple research studies. Mango butter has excellent skin care properties making the skin soft and supple. In hair care it helps enhance the lustre of hair strands. As a moisturizer its usefulness is considered second to none as it has a low melting point unlike other butters that stay solid till they reach a high temperature. It is non clogging and does not impact pore due to its low melting point. Mango butter provides excellent lubrication for the skin and is an excellent moisturizer.

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